Hi! I’m Reva: teacher by day, student at night…so when do I cook? Any spare time I have in between.

I was always known in school as the kid with either ‘weird’ or ‘cool’ lunches (for a matter of fact in my 8th grade year book I have the ‘world record’ of eating the weirdest foods). I used to tell my friends “you can’t call it weird unless you try it”. So they would. And they would like it. So there.

I try to think differently about food. Putting flavors you wouldn’t think to put together together, try to make my food as healthy but still tasty as I can, and just REVAlutionlizing (hehe gettit?) the way food is known as.

I’m also a massive history fan (in school for a MA in history …meaning I love to study history and write papers about it… its pretty nerdy and I’m proud of it 🙂 ) so I am probably going to end up incorporating history into these posts as well.

Hope you enjoy what you see!

Email: revalutionaryfoods@gmail.com

Instagram: @revalutionaryfoods


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revo(a)lutionizing the way food is done

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