Classic Pancakes

I know it’s Purim time, but I promise…keep reading and it’ll all be made clear. I actually had a different Purim pancake idea, but alas…I ran out of time and there is no way that it would be ready on time for Purim…so instead I figured why not post my classic pancakes now.

So, your wondering why pancakes on Purim: Well, did you know that the first Jewish mention of pancakes (aka latkes) was actually referring to Purim, with Channuka only mentioned on the side.

It was mentioned in the writings of a Rabbi Kalonymus ben Kalonymus (c. 1286-1328), from Italy, of ideal foods to eat…on PURIM! (and yes he talks about a poem about Channuka as well when talking about pancakes, but we’ll get to the rest of the story Channukah time).

So there, pancakes/latkes on Purim is not such a crazy idea after all. Especially, because it’s Purim…Vnahafochu (opposites)…So why not have pancakes (breakfast) for dessert at your Purim seuda (meal) – its the opposite of opposites. Yet it’s still really yummy too. And perfect for a Purim dessert (or breakfast, or snack…or whenever).

This recipe is really easy to make and yummy to eat. I used to make it for my friends in seminary many Friday mornings, and taught my sister (in sem now) how to make them too because they’re just that easy and that good. Oh and they freeze well too an added plus.    Pancakes

Classic Pancakes:

Yield: about 15 med size pancakes


2 C. Flour

3 1/2 tsn baking powder

1/2 tsn salt

1/4 C. sugar

1 tsn Vanilla

1 1/2 C milk or almond/soy milk

1 egg

1/2 – 1 C chocolate chips, optional (can also add: blueberries, sprinkles, bananas, caramelized/sugared beef fry  or whatever else.)

Whisk the flour, baking soda, salt and sugar together. Add in the vanilla, milk, egg and other mix ins if you want (aka chocolate chips)

Heat a frying pan over medium heat. When the pan is hot spoon the amount of batter you want into the pan and let it cook.

When you start seeing a lot of bubbles forming in the batter – time to flip. and let cook about another minute.

pancake 3 (see the bubbles?)

Serving options: Ice cream and chocolate syrup, berries and whipped cream, maple syrup, caramelized beef fry (make sure you do this with almond/soy milk), or just plain 🙂


**some of the history information was from the Encyclopedia of Jewish Food

One thought on “Classic Pancakes”

  1. Wonderful blog entry Reva! I was looking for a good pareve pancake recipe since my husband is lactose intolerant. I will definitely try this one out!


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